Sarah Kishpaugh

How Dog Sitting Kicked Depression's Ass

When my spouse left the family home I asked him to take our 5-year-old brown lab with him. At the time I was barely suriving the day. I had a prescription for an anti-depressant, and I was eating half a Xanax to secure a good night sleep. I wasn’t working and I was writing for my life. There was a lot of public crying and I lost the weight.

For months the no-pet-having-life was a relief—no water bowl to fill, no shedding, no sad “take me for a walk, please” eyes. But after a few months I felt the cracks inside me deepen. Not only had my guts been scooped out, but the warm animal had vanished. The wagging, wiggling, loud, panting, always-love-you-no-matter-what creature was just ghost. I had expected to be lonely without the man, but the grief for the dog suprised me. I would fall to my knees and wail in the hallway. Yes, it was for the man, and it was also for the dog. They weren’t dead, but they were gone.

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