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Judith Works's novel I edited

Mr. McFeely and me!

Bill Morton's memoir I edited

David Edwards's thriller I edited

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Love, Light, Strength (and Glue)
"When NYT Editor Dan Jones emailed and told me "great job on this essay... can we schedule a call?" I freaked out. It was published in the paper on my mom's birthday, so extra cause for celebration. It was remarkable working with an at-large editor like that, but the best part was the emailed Dan forwarded me from readers. So many people had so much to say about taking care of injured loved ones. I felt connected to a community in a way that filled my heart and inspired me to finish my book."

Hattie Cannon's tradebook I edited

Insult to Injury
The article in Bitch magazine ("Blood & Guts," September 2015) discusses domestic violence as a potential cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the U.S. It references the article "Traumatic Brain Injury: A Hidden Consequence for Battered Women" in the 2002 issue of Professional Psychology. It notes that TBI could be a risk factor for intimate partner violence (IPV) from a 2012 report in the journal Trauma, Violence & Abuse. It also claims that TBI from domestic violence is underreported compared to TBI from sports and other accidents.

60-page bilingual (Spanish/English) Childcare workbook I edited

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